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What’s the Problem?

The Census understates the number of non-religious Canadians!

Due to a flawed question that actually encourages respondents to select a denomination even if they are not actually religious, the Canadian census systematically understates the number of Canadians who have no religion.  Independent surveys that measure irreligiosity and other statistical data confirm this claim.

What to do?  Check the “No Religion” checkbox if you are not actually religious!

In the short term, the answer is simple.  If you’re not religious and receive the long-form census, check the “No Religion” box for the religion question.  You can find out why this is our recommendation, and what needs to be done in the long term to fix this problem.

Why this matters

Census data is used for a variety of purposes, including government legislation and political advocacy.  If the non-religious community is understated in the census, we will continue to be underrepresented in public policy.

See why the census data matters.


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