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What Can You Do?

Answering the Question

The most important way to support the campaign is also the simplest.  If you’re not religious, then check the “No Religion” box on the census.

We are discouraging people from writing atheist, agnostic or humanist in the blank space.  Approximately 100,000 people did this in 2001.  In some of the StatsCan tables, these people have been integrated into a group called “No Religious Affiliation”. However, in some of StatsCan’s literature, only data from the “No Religion” checkbox is included.  This is why you’ll sometimes see “No Religion” reported as 16.2% and sometimes at 16.5% for 2001.  This data is used for a wide variety of purposes, including government legislation.  Our community has been underrepresented in society for far too long.   The more credible numbers that accurately report the size of our large and quickly growing community we have, the faster this will cease to be the case.

Donate to the Campaign

Make a charitable tax-deductible donation to support this Campaign and/or join the Centre for Inquiry Canada. CFI is a registered educational charity that advances reason, science, secularism and free inquiry, and is a leading voice for atheists, agnostics and secular humanists in Canada. We are engaged in a variety of other political initiatives that your funds support, including:

Reason for a Change: An Annual National Freethinkers’ Advocacy Convention in Ottawa (May 18 – 20), which will incorporate the first annual National Secular Supper (motivated by the National Prayer Breakfast)

Help us Change the Question for Next Time

We believe the question is fundamentally flawed.  The question asked needs to be changed to remove the bias against irreligion.  As well, the definition of “No Religion” should be expanded to distinguish between deists and agnostic/atheists.  We also feel a second possibly more meaningful question should be added regarding rates of religious participation.  The only way to fix this is through StatsCan or parliament.  Four years prior to each census, StatsCan commissions a census content consultation, where the public is invited to make suggestions to improve the census.  The submissions are then reviewed and decided upon internally.  This is the time when change is most likely to occur.  Unfortunately, we won’t have this opportunity again until 2017.  While this is a long way off, we encourage interested individuals who wish for more representation of the non-religious to please contact us to volunteer with our organization, the Centre for Inquiry. We have branches and affiliated groups in every major city in Canada.

CFI is committed to providing that voice, as, for example, through our many regular media appearances, such as the following:

Ottawa Citizen’s Ask the Religious Experts column
Michael Coren Show on CTS TV
– National Post’s Holy Post Blog
– Kelowna Daily Courier


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